Give your kids an experience they'll never forget!

Agent Malice has seized the ship and is heading for London. Only your children can stop him.

Steal the stealth boat and catch up with Steadfast, climb through lasers and vent shafts, crack computers and safes on a high speed adventure to stop Malice before he launches the ships missiles.

Fantastic Day Out

Brilliant physical and mental puzzles set in a stunning storyline with interactive computers and your own dedicated guide.

SpyMissions "That was so cool!"

Incredible Spy Adventure Parties

The best thing to do with kids!

Kids Missions are suitable for children aged 6 - 14 years

The computers adjust the difficulty of the tasks and puzzles in the mission according to the age and ability of the children

Young kids will also receive more hints and help from their guide, whilst older kids will be challenged with more complex tasks

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Use the DAHV (Dynamic Armored Hover Vehicle) to reach Steadfast undetected Break into the vault to hack the satellite control and change the missile's targeting coordinates! Seize control of the ship and steer it out of range of the missile target! Get through the security lasers without breaking the beams! Get to the missile before the enemy, and stop the launch!

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