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Cancel / Move your booking

If you are thinking of cancelling your booking due to the Covid19 Virus Spy Missions would like to offer you a 25% discount if you would be happy to move your booking to a future date. You do not need to choose this date now, we will simply hold your booking at the discounted price until you are ready to re-book. Many people are promising disappointed children a half birthday and we would welcome your business. You will be refunded the 25% immediately (within 14 days) Thank you for your support. Please call our customer service team on 01908 597 857 to discuss postponing your booking *You must move your booking by at least 14 days to qualify for the 25% discount

Cancellation policy

Up to 7 days in advance of your booking:
You can cancel or move your booking, or change your numbers, and be offered a full refund for any difference in price.
Any refunds can only be made to the card you booked with.

Less than 7 days in advance:
There is a charge of £5 per player for cancelling you booking or changing your numbers.
Under certain circumstances it may be possible move your booking to another date and time, for a charge of 10% of the total booking price.

» What if my numbers increase?
With advance notice it is normally possible to increase your numbers, but this is subject to availability. Please contact us and we will accommodate you if at all possible.

How do I cancel or postpone my booking?

If you would like to cancel or postpone your booking, please call our friendly customer service on 01908 597 857

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Spy Missions is openingWe are open for bookings from Saturday the 22nd of May for parties up to 24 players. We can accommodate 6 adults with the party. To a maximum of 30 people.